Living in the mountains is the best practical place for us.

Like sowing seeds for the future, we are also engaged in activities other than distilling at the Mairingen Distillery.


This dish takes advantage of the valuable native plants found near the distillery and is prepared slowly in an original Jomon pot.
The fresh ingredients, wild herbs, and herbal medicines of the Kyotango region are flavored to extract the original characteristics of the ingredients, bringing out sensations never experienced.


Natural flowers and herbs grow wild in the mountains around the distillery. Bees are unleashed on the remote mountaintops and fly around to harvest the abundant nectar. The honey collected is unheated and delivers to us a mellow floral aroma and a refreshing sweetness that is infused with the flavors of each season.


Our paddy fields are located at the top of the village and use soft water flowing from the source. The organic fertilizers used are kept to a minimum, and rice is grown using traditional methods with as little pesticides as possible. The rest of the rice is grown with the help of natural cycles.


We receive many blessings from the mountains for our distilling and life. We want to nurture, protect, and connect these mountains ourselves.
As part of this effort, we plant trees and care for the forests. Planting trees enriches the forests and caring for them maintains the balance of the forests.